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Meet Mary

Mary is a long-time friend of one of our founders and a very big Chiari awareness advocate. 

Mary has really had a rough road with her Chiari and co-morbidities. Living in Wisconsin and not being able to work due to her disabilities, finances are tight and Mary has to keep a strict budget to survive. 

When she had to come to New York for her appointments, Mary worried about how she would be able to make it work financially. She asked if she could apply for assistance through DURAble Brains. 

This was a no brainer for us.

We were able to offer Mary assistance for traveling around around New York City for her appointments.                                       

Mary & DBF

Here’s what Mary had to say:

I first met Michelle 2 years ago when I had my first surgery with Dr Greenfield. Because of many complications with my first decompression surgery, I required a second decompression, muscle reconstruction, as well as a cervical fusion. Michelle was an amazing medical advocate and friend through out my entire journey. I knew I was going to require more surgery with Dr Greenfield. There are a lot of stresses with the types of surgeries I have to have. Some of the biggest ones I endure are whether or not the surgery will help my symptoms, what changes will I have to make in my life after surgery, and with having my surgeon in NY I have to add how much will my entire stay cost and will I be able to raise enough money in time? Except this time I did not have to worry as much about money. Because of Michelle and Danielle starting DURAble, I was able to have my entire transportation paid for while my boyfriend and I were in the city. We didn't have to sacrifice meals so that I could get to my Dr appointments. I was able to rest easy knowing that we could take an Uber if my pain was flared up too badly to take public transit. Because of DURAble, many Chiarians have a much easier time having success trips. When you're dealing with all the extra burdens we go through, it's amazing having an organization that will help. I am eternally grateful for them. 


Your kind donations are going to go to more families like Mary's. We are so grateful for all of the support we have received to make stories like this happen! To help more families like Mary's please visit our DONATE page.