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Meet Weston

Weston is a 6 year old boy from Oklahoma, who was born with torticolis and severe scoliosis. After he was diagnosed as a newborn he was seen by an orthopedic surgeon, who requested an MRI, curious what would cause such an extreme curve in such a little boy.

Soon after the MRI, Weston was diagnosed with a neurological brain disorder known as Chiari Malformation. Not too long after, he was also diagnosed with Syringomyelia.

Since Chiari is complex for most and has no cure, not many doctors in Weston's hometown understand the extent of the disorder or the continuing diagnosis’ that come with it! With that being said, Weston's mom was extremely unsatisfied with the care he was receiving in Oklahoma. After two failed decompressions and new found symptoms piling up, Weston's mom, Sierra, did what any mother would do and sought out treatment with the very best doctors. After a lot of research, Sierra learned about Chiari CARE at Weill Cornell Medical Center.

They had our hearts set on New York but getting there would not be easy or affordable for their family.

In 2016, Weston visited with Dr. Greenfield and Sierra knew immediately that they were in the right place for her son. But she also realized how difficult it would be to continue treatment in New York.

When Sierra scheduled Weston's next visit, she worried about how she would make it happen. That’s when she reached out to DURAble Brains Foundation.

We were able to offer Sierra and Weston assistance for lodging, travel, and meals.                                                                     

Weston & DBF

Here’s what Weston’s mom, Sierra, had to say:

Our most recent visit would not have been possible without DURAble Brains Foundation! 

They were able to make sure we had a place to stay, transportation and food during our trip. 

It’s overwhelming being in another state and a big city you aren’t familiar to but DBF made sure to make us feel welcome! They provided us with a list of free attractions to experience the city while we were continuing Weston’s treatment! I’m so thankful for everything DBF did for Weston. He even loved his gift bag! We were so blessed to be able to apply for DBF and receive assistance. Thank you for helping families like us! 

Your kind donations are going to go to more families like Weston's and Sierra's. We are so grateful for all of the support we have received to make stories like this happen! To help more families like Weston's please visit our DONATE page.